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Aurangabad Caves India

Aurangabad Gates Aurangabad India
Aurangabad Caves
Aurangabad Gate

Destination : Aurangabad Caves (Aurangabad Maharashtra India )
Languages Spoken : Marathi, Hindi, English
Best Time To Visit : Jun To Jan
Temperature : Max. 39.0°C Min. 24.0°C Winter: Max. 30.0°C. Min. 12°C.

Aurangabad Caves are artificial caves, dug out of the rather soft rock during the 6th and 7th century. This caves are found on two separate locations, called Western Group Caves (caves 1-5) and Eastern Group Caves (caves 6-10), about 1km from each other. Each group has five caves. The architecture and iconography is influenced by Tantric Hinduism.

Cave four of the Western Group Caves is the oldest cave. It is a Hinayana Chaitya with a ridged roof like the Karla Cave near Lonavala. Hinayana (Sanskrit: Lesser Vehicle) is the more orthodox, conservative schools of Buddhism. Chaitya (Sanskrit) is the word for a funeral monument. There is a stupa in front of it, now partially collapsed.

The other four Western caves are viharas, which are an early type of Buddhist monastery consisting of an open court surrounded by open cells accessible through an entrance porch. The viharas in India were originally constructed to shelter the monks. Cave 3, the most fascinating cave of the Western Group, is supported by 12 finely carved columns. They show sculptures portraying scenes from the Jataka tales.

Cave 6 belongs to the Eastern Group Caves, and shows very well preserved sculptures of women, which are notable for their exotic hairstyles and ornamentation. There is also a large Buddha figure and an idol of Ganesh located in this cave.

Cave 7 is the most interesting of the Aurangabad caves. Most impressive are the sculptures, figures of women which are scantily clad and ornately bejewelled. They show the rise of Tantric Buddhism during this period. To the left of Cave 7 is a huge Bodhisattva praying for deliverance from the 8 dangers: fire, the sword of the enemy, chains, shipwreck, lions, snakes, mad elephant and demon (representing death).

Timeing Of Caves :- From 09 hours to 17:30 Hrs or Sunset whichever is earlier
Entry Fees :- 1) For Indians above 15 years : Rs. 10/- per head
........................2) For Others above 15 years : US$ 5 or corresponding to Rs.250/- per head

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How To Reach Aurangabad :-
Air :- Aurangabad is connected by verious Airlines with Delhi,Mumbai.
Rail :- Aurangabad is directly connected by rail with Bhopal, Gwalior, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, etc.
Road :- Aurangabad is well connected by road with Ahmedabad 623 Km,Bangalore 1004 Km,Khajuraho 1026 Km,Pune 233 Km,Mumbai 392 Km,Nashik 204 Km,Nanded 277 Km,Jaipur 1013 Km,Shirdi 121 Km,Delhi 1371 KM.

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