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Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort View
Daulatabad Fort View

Destination : Daulatabad Fort (Aurangabad Maharashtra India )
Languages Spoken : Marathi, Hindi, English
Best Time To Visit : Throughout the year
Temperature : Summer: Max. 39.0°C Min. 24.0°C Winter: Max. 30.0°C. Min. 12°C.

Almost 800 years ago, Daulatabad, then called 'Devigiri' was a thriving city. It was founded by Bhillamraja of the Yadava dynasty in 1187 AD. Later, the fort of Daulatabad passed through the hands of several dynasties in the Deccan. Less than 150 years after the Yadava dynasty, Daulatabad also became the capital of India for a short period during the reign of Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughluq, who gave the city its present name. But very soon the charm of this ancient city faded.
The Fort
The Daulatabad fort is situated on top of a high hill, encircled by thick walls, spiked gates, steep slide ways and a deep trench. The fort has a coiled network of secret, quizzical and subsurface passages. Situated on a hill and surrounded by a 40 ft. deep trench with mechanical drawbridges and crocodiles, this fascinating fort becomes impossible for intruders to approach. Along with these, a strong 5 kms long wall and complex series of defenses makes Daulatabad fort one the most secure forts. The defense system of this fort was absolutely full proof with double and even triple rows of massive walls. This fortress was like a maze where the intruders were trapped. There was no way of conquering this majestic fort. The impregnable fort of Daulatabad was only conquered by treachery.
Significant Structures Within The Fort
Daulatabad fort has some outstanding structures like the Chand Minar, Jami Masjid and royal palaces. The royal palaces within the fort consists of spacious halls, pavilions and courtyards. The Chand Minar within the fort is a 30-metre high tower. It was a tower of victory build by Ala-ud-din Bahmani to commemorate his conquest of the fort in 1435. The Minar is divided into four storeys having glazed tiles and carved motifs. The Minar is supposed to be used as a prayer hall or a victory monument in its time. The blue tiled Chini Mahal is located a little higher than the Chand Minar. It is where the last king of Golcunda, Abdul Hasan Tana Shah was imprisoned in 1687. He was captivated here for thirteen years until his death, by the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb.

Timeing Of Fort :- From 09 hours to 17:30 Hrs or Sunset whichever is earlier
Entry Fees :- 1) For Indians above 15 years : Rs. 5/- per head
2) For Others above 15 years : US$ 2 or corresponding to Rs.100/- per head

How To Reach Daulatabad Fort:-
By Air :-Nearest airport is Aurangabad 25 kms & Pune Airport 240 Kms& From Mumbai International Airport 390 Kms .
By Rail :-Aurangabad 25 Kms Jalgaon 155 Kms on Central Railway is a convenient railhead.
By Road :-Aurangabad Mumbai, Jalgaon, Manmad, State Transport and luxury buses run from Aurangabad and Jalgaon.

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